WP ClickBank Vendor – Getting Started

After purchasing, you can install the plugin by uploading the supplied files via FTP or upload the ZIP archive via the WordPress admin dashboard.

To configure the plugin, there are a few things you need to do.

Configure Instant Payment Notifications

The plugin needs to know when someone makes a purchase. This is where the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Service is for.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and open the plugins main option page :

Now, open clickbank.com in a new tab. Log in, click on “Settings”, then “My Site”. Scroll down to “Advanced Tools” and click on “Edit”.

Now, make sure that the Secret Key Matches the Secret Key field set in the plugin exactly! So check that you don’t have any leading or trailing spaces.

Make sure that

  1. Encrypt transaction url is unchecked
  2. Encrypt TEST transaction url in unchecked
  3. Secret Key matches the plugin’s configuration
  4. IPN Url matches the plugin’s IPN URl

It should look something like this:

All systems are now up and running now, but if you do experience problems, we are always ready and happy to help