Why Awareness Contributes to Better Results

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle’. So many people now a days think that if you build one product, one website or a few blog posts, you or your business will automatically be successful. Nothing is farther from the truth. I will show you why and how success is really gotten, from within.

In addition, I will share the tools I use to instill habits until they become second nature. Stay tuned.

Today’s society is all about the fast pace action, instant gratification culture. The words ‘being successful’ really puts the emphasis on one self. However, success should be defined differently in my opinion. What society defines as being successful is actually a stack of habits that produce value. Nothing more, nothing less. A successful person has the habit (either consciously or unconsciously) to produce value for people to better their life (or at least alleviate some problem).

Should you deserve money if the product you deliver doesn’t help people? By moving away from a selfish paradigm and into habits of compassion (building value for people and businesses).

The  way to do that is to force change from within. Be self aware of bad personal habits (and good ones) and improve on those. A great foundation needs to be build in order to deliver value. In this case the foundation is you, it’s your health, it’s your diet and it’s your mindset.

  • After that you want to build habits that will help your business forward. A few examples of these habits are
    contributing in online discussion – Not for the sake of back links, but to help people in their own journey and share your opinion. In addition, you will be engaged within the niche and you may even get some content or product ideas
  • Publishing blog posts – This way you can engage current subscribers and keep the current relationship with your readers strong.
    Produce new content formats – learn how to make video tutorials, podcasts or power point presentations. This way users can consume your ideas in their preferred format.

So how do you change these habits.    I’d like to break up the process up into a few steps

  1.  Identify and recognize a bad habit or the need of a new one
  2.  If this habit continues what does it do for your live (either positive or negative)
  3.  How does the epitome of this habit look like?
  4.  What can I do today to move towards this habit?\
  5.  Make the habit measurable and measure it.

It is important to know that too much measuring can contribute to obsessive behavior. In order to prevent this, what you can do is track the habits you’d like to change until you see the desired change. After that chose a new one.

All this can be accomplished by using an Microsoft Excel Sheet. Personally I keep track of a few things: my diet (using MyFitnessPal), the amount of online interactions I engage in each day and the amount of quality blog posts I make each week.