Productivity For Developers – Introduction

Productivity is the art of producing. For developers being mindful about your productivity is very important to getting the most done. The true mark of highly productive people is getting from result to result in a balanced effortless way. In this small series I’ll show you how you can achieve high performance as a developer.

In this series you will learn the following (make sure to subscribe)

  1. Mastering personal energy – learn how to make achieving results effortless, get things done without feeling drained. This is the biggest thing you can learn to achieve high productivity and become a more balanced human being.
  2. Harnessing Subconscious Truths – We humans are blessed with higher level mental faculties, however the main operating system of our brain is still a reptilian brain. This has implications. We often use these higher faculties to override ancient impulses, but I will learn you how you can use your mind to train your subconscious instead.
  3. Mastering Workspace Energy – When in a work environment, sitting in a chair code, the human body has multiple problems. When the body is out of alignment the spirit or the mind will be affected as well. Learning to counter this is very important.
  4. Developer Tendencies – software developers tend to fall into various traps that are detrimental to productivity. Learn to identify when you make these mistakes and how you can solve it before you lose hours up hours.
  5. Workflow efficiency – we developers tend to develop specific workflows. Looking at these workflows and evaluating them can help us produce more in less time.