Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to be able to work at their projects non-stop? Have you ever wondered how your business, … and life will change when you are able to work on something without being distracted?


We often confuse productivity with being busy. Learn how to work most efficient – do more stuff that matter, less of the trivial stuff and get more results!

In this course I’ll teach you all I know and experienced about productivity, mindful work.


Learn how to remove ALL distractions, digital or physical.

Energy Management

Remember when you were so engaged with a specific task that you forgot to eat ? Learn what true work – life balance is and why work can be life. In school we all learn about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but not how to utilize it. You will get to know why some times being inactive drains your energy and why doing things actually gives you more energy to do things.

Practical Advice

The course gives you weekly bite sized tasks. In order to truely master an art – which I believe productivity is – you can’t expect to start with the advanced stuff first, you must build a foundation. The course is designed to build you up gradually.