How to promote affiliate offers with a lightbox

A lightbox (commonly referred to as a popup) is an extremely effective way to capture a visitors attention. This makes it the ideal tool to promote affiliate offers. However, when done incorrectly it can become an annoyance to your visitors. This article will also address those issues and is based on our plugin WP Tactical Popup.

Step 1. Install the pluginwp-tactical-popup-clickbank

Installing the WP Tactical Popup is easy. We suggest installing the free version first, you can also upgrade later and use even more advanced features after deciding if you need more features. Installing the free version can be done trough your WordPress dashboard. Open ‘Plugins’, click ‘Add’ and search for ‘WP Tactical Popup’. Click on install and you are done!

Step 2. Finding an affiliate offer

There are numerous ways to find a good affiliate offer. Lots of marketplaces like ClickBank and JVZoo exists, so we are not going to cover where you can find offers. What is more important, is what to look out for. However, there are several factors you’ve to take into account.

  1. Relevance
  2. Professionalism
  3. Material available


The most important factor – contrary to popular belief – is not price, but rather how useful the product is for your visitors. Products not relevant will not sell, period. Furthermore, you should buy and try it yourself because you are basically endorsing a product. You wouldn’t want to endorse something to your family that you don’t know or haven’t tested right? Treat strangers visiting your website like you would treat your family.


How does the website of the offer look? How fast does support answer, do they have a phone number listed? A more professional site, often results in higher conversion rates.

Material available

Does the company selling the product have affiliate material available? If not, you’ve got to make your own. To do this cost a lot of time or money if you aren’t a graphic designer yourself. Banners often start at $300,- and upward to the $1000,- range. For starters this is not an investment you should take.

Once you’ve found a good affiliate offer, copy the link and save it, we will need it in the following step. Same goes for the banner you will be using

Step 3. Add an image popupadd-image-popup-wp

Adding an image popup is very easy in WordPress Tactical Popup. Click ‘Add Popups’ from either the admin dashboard or the admin bar. Click add image popup. Now you only have to name your popup (for internal uses) and add the affiliate artwork (or creative). Paste the link in the URL-field of the plugin and basically, you’re done.

Step 4. Recommended parameters

By default the affiliate offer from ClickBank, JVZoo or any other provider will show up on every page load and on every page. We do want to change that. You can do that under the tab ‘behavior’. Recommended are the following settings:

  • An delay of 7 seconds or more
  • After 2 page loads or more
  • Once every 14 days

The premium versions offers more settings when to show the popup. For example, you can use it to show the popup on

  • Exit intent – Users makes mouse movements to any close or back button of the browser.
  • Document click – Show when the user clicks anywhere on the current page (except iframes).
  • Various styling options