Host Duplex Review

After one year of using budget webhosting, the need to move our website to a better platform became apparant. As a start-up, keeping costs under control is important. In addition the need for more expensive webhosting is not quite visible since so many budget hosting providers are available. However, we experienced more than nine hours of downtime a month with our previous provider (which shall remain nameless). While redesigning our website, the move to Host Duplex webhosting was made rather quick.

This migration quickly learned us that good webhosting can be the difference between aerages sales and a lot of sales if you’re running an ecommerce website or higher engagement for other website. If there is one thing not to save money on, it truely is webhosting!

This article will not only serve as a review article for host duplex, but also help you in choosing a webhosting provider.  Host Duplex is in our expierence a rather good host. Perfect network topological  with datacentres Location in los angeles and Chicago. this really shows in the response times. As you can see for yourself, our website is quite fast. Support is prompt, effective and polite. We only had a minor issue and it was resolved within a couple of hours. Our website runs of their cheapest shared hosting package (really no need for dedicated or vps if you run only a website and do not have other infrastructure requirements). The connectivity is perfect also.

Pingdom speed test

Pingdom speed test

 The only downside is that the package that we have ($5.00 a month) does not include unlimited domains. The $10.00 a month plan does allow unlimited domains. What I really like, is that they have restricted bandwidth and storage space. This means that they won’t over promise and under deliver. They also keep the amount of website per server very low. Providers offering ‘unlimited’ space and bandwith are notorious to ‘oversell’. This results in reduced performance. Host Duplex performance is unmatched with other providers in my expierence and to prove to you that uptime is excellent also, I’ve included a screenshot of my uptime monitoring tool. statistics statistics