Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox F.A.Q.

This page contains answers to questions commonly asked by our visitors.

The lightbox shows blank or not at all.

Make sure that you theme has a call tot <?php wp_footer(); ?> included in the footer.php file of the theme. Ask the themes developer if not sure. If you have adblock enabled, disable it!

Horizontal Scrollbars Are Shown.

This is a bug on Facebook.com’s part of the deal. See this ticket (#1463169760663076) for the status update on the fix.

Can I hide the lightbox for fans or people who already like it?

This is not possible due to Facebook’s Privacy Policy. However, if the user connects the app, the pop-up won’t show again.

How does the ‘hide on like’-functionality work?

When the like button is clicked, it will be remembered by placing a cookie. The lightbox will not be shown on any subsequent visits from the user which has this cookie set. It doesn’t mean that it shows only for non-fans ,this is impossible in any plugin due to facebook privacy policy (without app authorization by the end user). It mean that it doesn’t show to people who have this cookie set.

How can I create a AppID/ API-Key ?

See this step-by-step guide on configuring and retrieving the  AppID.

The premium version does not show or is blank, what should I do?

First, make sure that you have configured the API Key correctly. This is absolutely necessary for the advanced functions to work. See this page for more information. If you configured it correctly and it still doesn’t show up, enable the compatibility mode on the advanced settings screen. This help if you are using other social plugins inconjunction with the page promoter plugin.

Is this plugin available for PHP without WordPress.

No, this is not yet possible.

Can I get the old design back?

No. The like box is loaded from Facebook.com. They have changed their API and the design of the plugin. It is impossible to change this layout back to the previous layout (they deprecated it ).