Exclude Plugin from W3 Total Cache

Exclude Plugin From W3 Total CacheAlthough caching is a great way to speed up your WordPress website, if the website is not designed for speed some challenges may be introduced.

For example, if you run a lot of plugins a caching plugin may break some of them. The reason for this is that these caching plugins most often combine scripts in one file. This can lead to various issues.

  1. The path to the script changes. This can mess up some plugins loading files relative to the folder they were previously in.
  2. Errors influence other scripts. If any error in one script occurs, it can cause the execution of other scripts to stop. Thus breaking other plugins. This is an issue since not all plugins are coded according to the proper standards.
  3. Minification could be the cause. When JavaScript doesn’t adhere to standards or has errors, it can become impossible to minify the script in an efficient manner. This may cause all plugins minified to break.

Luckily, with most caching plugin (such as W3 Total Cache) we can exclude plugins from being minified and or combined. Some of our plugin are a little Javascript heavy by design (such as Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox) and therefore it is beneficial to not minify it.

The steps to do this are quite easy (for W3 Total Cache at least). You do need to include the full path the resource, relative resources do not work at time of writing

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, Go to ‘Performance’ and then go to ‘Minify‘.
  2. Remove all from the following field: ‘Include external files/libaries’
  3. Find the ‘Never minify the following JS files’ field Enter the following files








  4. In the ‘Never minify the following CSS files’ add the following file



If you host WordPress on a sub domain, make sure that you prefix these files with the path to your installation (for example, ‘wordpress/‘), else remove it