Creating a Facebook Application

To fully use the premium version and the advanced options you will need to configure a facebook API Key. The reason why this is needed is because facebook requires that only registered applications can use specific features, such as the hide on like and the connect functionality.

In some cases, you will be required to verify the identity of your Facebook account first. If you are presented with such a screen, Facebook has documentation on how to setup a developers account.

Goto Facebook’s App Dashboard, click Apps and then “New App”. You will be asked for a name, you could enter your brand or website name, the other information is not required. Click continue.

You are now presented with a option screen, it is important to fill this out correctly.

  1. Goto settings and click on “Add Platform”. Choose website.
  2. At “Site URL” enter the full base url on which the script runs (f.e. ). Do not include a path.
  3. At “app domain” enter the full domain of the website you want to plugin to function on. If you run it on , enter
  4. Then click on status & review and enable the option “Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?”
  5. Copy the App ID field into the option page of the social plugin you are using.