Benefits of using an Accordion


Let me first explain for those who don’t know what an accordion is. An accordion basically is bunch of paragraph header with their content hidden. When a user clicks on the header the content folds open and will be displayed. There are some really good reasons to use a WordPress accordion plugin, it has benefits for both you and your visitor.

It saves vertical space, meaning that you have more room above the fold. Usually this is not a problem, but it can be a solution with long question and answers pages.

The user will only be presented with information they seek. When a visitor reads a page, he usually skims through it, paying attention to headers, font weight and images to determine wether information is interesting or not. There are two problems with this.

  1. The user will be presented with too much unimportant information, which may cause information overload.
  2. You won’t get feedback on which information they find important, so you won’t be able to adjust and to tweak it.

An accordion can solve both this problems. By collapsing the information and only showing titles you are saving around 600% on vertical space (assuming a paragraph is five lines and a title is one line long). Furthermore, a computer can’t determine if a visitor is reading. It can however determine when a user clicks a header (a sign that the visitor is interested in the information beneath that header). The downside to an accordion is that it requires the user to take an extra action (a click). Which is not always wanted. Basically, you should use or avoid an accordion in the following situations

  • Avoid placing content which is most important inside an accordion
  • Do use it for long pages with paragraphs and headers which might not be interesting for all users
  • Do use it on frequently asked questions, link categories
  • Do use it on checkout pages. Hiding each step makes it easier for the user to focus on what is really necessary (mainly the current step in the checkout process).

If you want to use it on your website, we have an WordPress accordion plugin that helps you implement it in an extremely user friendly way (both for you and your visitor)