WP Tactical Popup Update

Lightboxes are a very powerful way to capture your visitors attention. WP Tactical Popups aims to help you do just that. Flexible enough to display HTML advertisements and image lightboxes, yet useable enough to do it in minutes. Skip to the end of the post to subscribe and be notified of its release!

Now for download from the WordPress plugin repository.



Make sure to watch it in 1080p in fullscreen to clearly see all the details.


Free Premium
Image Popups
HTML Popups
Email Opt-In Popups  
Colour schemes  2 Unlimited
Show once every few days or after an amount of pageloads
Show only when visitors comes from Facebook, Google (or any other referer)
 Prioritize one popup over others
Scales nicely when the windows size changes (e.g on tablets or phones)  

If you have features ideas, mail us at reply@arevico.com and you might receive a premium version free of charge,  if we decide to implement it. We usually determine whether new features are in the free or premium version, depending on the time it takes to implement, the complexity and the amount of extra support needed. This way, we will be able to maintain a high level of support for all our products.