Test if Page Promoter Lightbox is working

In order to successfully test if the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is working, you need to complete a number of steps. The basic principle is to replicate the parameters required for a visitor to see the lightbox. Luckily, the steps are pretty easy

  1. Make sure that you haven’t liked the page. This is important because the hide-on-connect functionality checks it.
  2. Make sure that the cookies indicating that the page has been liked or already been shown are not set. This can be done by removing all cookies in the web browser. This can be done under Internet Settings or Privacy settings within the browser.
  3. Logon to Facebook.com. This is important if you have set the lightbox to only display if you have set the lightbox to display only for logged in users.
  4. Clear the cache if you are using a caching plugin on your website and visit the website.