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Compatibile with WP >= 3.0, PHP >= 5

Turn visitors into fans! New visitors are usually costly to acquire, so it is vital that you get the most engagement out of every single visitor. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox premium helps you do that. While a popup can be intrusive when not configured correctly, the premium version is flexible enough to keep the user experience pleasant.

Convenience for Returning Users

Make the experience as convenient as possible – When a user clicks like, a cookie is set and the lightbox won’t show again. If the user clicks the connect link and authorizes the application it will never show again.

You can also configure to only pop-up (or not popup) to visitors from search engines or from Facebook.


Being able to display the cover photo, change the background colour aswell as a custom header or message above the page plugin will help you to convey your brand message.



Free Premium
Get more facebook fans
Very fast, Minifies Scripts and Inlines Them
Only show when the user hasn't clicked the like button
Don't show again to connected users
Hide / Show to mobile users
Hide / Show to Visitors coming From Google or Facebook
Show a large or small header
Custom branding, colors, messages
Free Updates


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the plugin?

After payment, download the .Zip-file to your desktop. Upload the plugin via the ‘Add Plugin-menu on your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Activate’.

Can I use this on all my websites?

Yes, you can install the plugin for either all websites you personally own or on one of your client’s website.

Is there a subscription involved?

No, payment is a one time fee.

How does the ‘hide on like’-functionality work exactly?

When the like button is clicked, it will be remembered by placing a cookie. The lightbox will not be shown on any subsequent visits from the user which has this cookie set. This doesn’t entail that it shows only for non-fans ,this is impossible in any plugin due to Facebook’s privacy policy.

How does the ‘hide on connect’-functionality work exactly?

If a user connects the application, the pop-up will not show again.

How can I create an API-key?

See this guide, it only takes a minute.