Reset WordPress Core Files

reset wordpress core file and jQueryWordPress is a wonderful platform. However, due to its open source everyone can create plugins. While the result is a vast eco system of functionality, it also paves the way for plugins which aren’t coded so well. In some cases even core files may be changed.

This tutorial will show you how to reset all of WordPress’s core files in an efficient manner. It will solve most unexplainable error or errors related with standard scripts (such as jQuery).

Sometimes, the jQuery included by WordPress doesn’t get updated or it is downgraded by plugins which are coded for earlier version. This is obviously not something you’d expect from a plugin.

Luckily, resetting WordPress core files and included JavaScript is quite easy. The following steps are involved:

  1. Backup WordPressWhilst not a complete necessity, any time you are working with the core files, it is good habit to make a backup.This can be done via a WordPress plugin, but I’d like to do this via cPanel. Just go to your domain’s cPanel interface and login. Chose ‘back-up‘. Make sure to back-up the SQL-Database and the home directory. These two backups are enough. A full website backup is not easily restored, whilst the other can be restored via the same cpanel interface.
  2. Reinstall Core Files – Go to your WordPress dashboard. In the left hand menu there should be an item on top called ‘Dashboard’, click on it and select ‘update’. There will be a button called reinstall WordPress. This will not affect any plugin, themes or settings you have setup.
  3. Check if everything works – After an update, you should always visit the front-end and check if everything works accordingly.