How to use a social locker effectively

When employed correctly, a social locker can be a highly effective tool to gain followers on social media. However, as with any tool improper usage will result in lower result or annoyed visitors. This article will learn you more about social locking, how to use it properly and the associated benefits and challenges with this tool.

This Social locking works by displaying content only after a visitors has liked or shared the page or url. The content can be hidden in two ways: either on the server or on the client side. The advantage of storing the data to be displayed on the server side is that the visitor cannot circumvent the software by clicking ‘View Source‘. The downside is that response is a little slower, since data needs to be fetched from the server via Ajax.

Designing content

In order to get the most exposure for your content, high quality content should be designed. The best approach is to write highly informative articles, tutorials or step-by-step guides. A good base is required in order to make visitors share your content on their time line. After that you can determine what supplementary content you have available. The key to use a content locker successfully is to put any supplementary content behind a content locker. This way, a visitor is already convinced about the value and the authenticity of you content before they actually decide whether to share the page or not.

How to use a social locker

Ask questions – A good way to get likes is to include question sections, which a user can reveal by sharing your website on Facebook or following your Fan Page. This will allow a user to test their knowledge on the information presented in your article and act as a trigger to curiosity as well.

Include downloads – A download of an eBook, Excel-sheet or video is often seen as a great value proposition. Most visitors are willing to like the page if they assume it can solve a problem the may be facing (and of course you make sure it will).

Common mistakes

When using a content locker most operators make some mistakes that result in inconvenience for the end-user.

Locking the whole page – This practice is not recommended for a couple of reasons. Firstly, crawlers won’t be able to index the page (since the content is hidden on the client side). This will result in less exposure in Google. In addition, visitors can’t be convinced of the value of the information, download or video that you are offering.

Not delivering on promise – Sharing a page means exposing it to friend and family. This is a serious commitment. Don’t betray the trust of you visitors by delivering something that can be found for free elsewhere on the web. Although this may seem like a good strategy it is not one for the long term. Also remember, visitors can always remove it from their timeline.

Locking content for newsletter subscribers – it is not recommended to lock items that will be displayed in an email newsletter. Subscribers already put their trust in you by sharing their personal details like name and email address. In our opinnion you should not ask for a like in exchange for content.

People already liking the page – Most content lockers show the locking mechanism even though a user has already liked a specific piece of content. If a user want to download the same content again he has to unlike and like the content again. This use case is far from ideal. Therefore, we decided to add a mechanism to our plugin so that a user can give permission (connect) to his likes. This way, a user who is connected will never be prompted to share the same content twice.


Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of social locking. When locking the whole page

Our Plugin

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