How to insert an email popup

Email opt-in light boxes (commonly referred to as popups) is an extremely effective tool to gain subscribers for your mailing list, product or service. This article will show you how you can add one with the use of WordPress Tactical Popup. Since popups can also be a nuisance in the eyes of some people, this article will also discuss clever settings you can use in order to reduce that annoyance.

Step 1. Install the plugin

Make sure that you’ve installed WordPress Tactical Popup. You can do this by either downloading the .zip file from or the premium version, or you can install it directly via your dashboard. Click on add plugins and search for WordPress Tactical Popup. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2. Copy your (embedded) email form

2014-08-22_1453The next step is to get the email opt-in form from your email list provider (AWeber, Mailchimp, Icontact, etc). In this example we are going to use Mailchimp. However, you can use any form you’d like. The advanced heuristics in WordPress Tactical Popup will automatically find the right form fields.

In MailChimp you can get your form under the specific list and select embed. You will now be presented with an HTML-Code. Copy this code (in full).

Step 3. Add the Popup

In your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Add Popup’ under the WP Tactical Popup Menu. Fill in the name and paste the code in the ‘Past Form – Field’. In the content tab, you can set the content you’d like to display. This can contain HTML and bullets (f.e <ul><li>Bullet 1</li></ul>). This plugin does currently not support shortcodes, since it loads via AJAX.

 Step 4. Enjoy

This is how you can easily add an email popup to your WordPress website. We actually choosed some smart defaults, good enough for most people. If you do require some extra functionality or customization, you can do it by clicking a few checkboxes and filling some extra textboxes. Within 5 minutes, you can have you very first email popup up and running.